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lawmakers to task for changing the tone in washington. >> the way these issues are being presented, by the republicans, is that this is some wild-eyed plot to impose huge government in every aspect of our lives. what happens is, you guys then don't have a lot of room to negotiate with me. >> reporter: the gop response to the president's visit, cautious optimism. >> it's unprecedented in my 26 years. it's a little bit like a first date. both are anticipative. they're expectant. they both have friends that didn't want them to do it. >> reporter: house republicans say their party has been mislabeled as the party of no. and they urge the president to consider their plans for deeper tax cuts and health care reform. the president promised to review those plans. >> all right, rachel. >>> for all the people that crashed c-spans serverers. >>> ron is here withhe rest of the news on afghanistan. >> good morning, everyone. four afghan soldiers have been killed in a clash between an afghan army unit and a joint afghan force, that both mistook the other for the enemy. they were conducting separ
. >> good morning, washington. it is a cold morning out there. looking at doppler, look at the temperatures around the region. 18 degrees on the eastern shore. 17 in baltimore. at washington national airport, 20 degrees right now. you factor winds, we have wind chills in the single digits. let's show you the forecast for today. plenty of sunshine out there. we will be warm at midday, if you can call it that, to about 30 degrees. maybe 32 to 35 the high. sunny, breezy, and chilly out there. and our cold time is going to continue right into tuesday and into wednesday when we finally start to see some moderation. we will see temperatures rising to 45 by thursday. just a little snow shower activity into thursday. enjoy your sunday, and thank you for watching. have you gotten your seasonal flu vaccination? great - but your work's not done yet. we still need to get the h1n1 flu vaccination. you, me -- we should all get one. the vaccine is safe and proven effective against this highly contagious new strain of flu virus. we can help prevent the spread of this virus if we aljust roll up our sleeves.
. david kerley has the details from washington, d.c. >> good morning, ron. this is one of the longest food mysteries ever. for more than six months, people have been getting sick and people didn't know where from. being pulled from shelves across the country, nearly a million and a half pounds of peppered salami sold at costco and wal-marts. they recalled the meat but won't say the meat is the reason people are getting sick. this is widespread. illnesses have been reported in 38 states. >> people usually get sick at about the same time thp that's not what is happening here. that tells me that they're having a lot of trouble identifying what the product is. >> reporter: but a recent outbreak of illness in the northwest gave food detectives in oregon the break they were looking for. they cross referenced shopping lists with is 1 people who were sick. they all bought daniele sick. they all bought this daniele salami. they recalled the product but say that federal authorities have been unable to confirm a directink between the illnesses and any daniele product. the products are sold under this
your window. >> washington dave here looking at the storms you can see a potent system. bringingous a soggy sund. doppler radar shows all across washington rain, heavier in panhandle. the good news is temperatures are well above freezing. look for 40-44 degree. rain tapering off in the afternoon could be up to an thanks so much. more on your sunday outlook, later on in the show. bill? >> okay, marysol. >>> well, president oba returns to the campaign trail today, as he heads to what is supposed to be a democratic stronghold, massachusetts. but he has to save ted kennedy's senate seat and his health care plan. all of this comes as a new abc poll finds his support far lower than when he entered the white house, almost a year ago this week. abc's rachel martin has details. >> reporter: when barack obama took office, hopes were sky-high. and so were his rates. now, a year later, his numbers are nowhere as good. according to a new abc news poll released today, 53% of american's approve of obama's job performance. that's a drop of 15 points over the year. >> another signal for democrats. t
of his intelligence chiefs when he returns to washington this week. he had really hoped to start this year, 2010, focusing on health care and the economy but those issues now on the back burner. his weekly address this morning in that he provides a new tail about the plot to bomb flight 253 on christmas day. >> also we have a sports schedule to tell you about this morning that does not involve tiger woods. nba and washington, d.c. police are investigating a report that two members of the washington wizards basketball teadrew guns on one another in the team's locker room during an argument over gambling debts. why guns seem to become part of the culture for some professional athletes. >> we've seen police use facebook to track down crimes. now the tables have turned on them. an escaped convict has been using it to taunt police with clues as to where he is. the facebook fugitive has more than 30,000 friends at last count still out there. >> why can't they take down his account? we'll get to that later. >>> also coming up the perils of peering into the future. there was a time when
husband, is moving back to his hometown in washington. what does this mean for the investigation? we'll speak to a woman that says she's susan's best friend. >> and she helped move him over the weekend. i'm going to talk about sports a little bit. here's the thing. none of us knew the big star names. you said because there are no new stars. you're going to look into that in a few minutes. will vancouver be a bust? or will the buzz grow? >> perhaps. >>> good morning. a deep freeze across much of the nation is being blamed for at least five death this is weekend. near atlanta, two boys were killed on a partially frozen pond. and a snowmobiling accident on a partially frozen lake in vermont killed three people. >>> president obama has forgiven harry reid for remarks made during the 2008 presidential campaign. reid is quoted as saying because obama is light skinned and quote no negro dialect, he could win the white house. >>> two afghan detainees died at bagram prison in 2002. >>> china is the biggest exporter in the world. china's exports rose last month, evidence of the ability to sell
in residents from across the country. >> walla walla, washington. >> reporter: where are you from? >> pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> reporter: why all the interest? it starts with senator ted kennedy's seat. he's held it for years. this is why his wife vicki hit the trail at the end. >> we need to continue that tradition by sending martha coakley to the united states senate. >> reporter: health care reform, brown would be the 41st united states senator, enough to filibuster and hill health care in the senate. it's not just health care, that extra seat would put president obama at climate change, banking reform. >> a lot of these decisions are going to rest on one vote in the united states senate. >> reporter: and then presidential prestige, the president campaigned in cokopp n copenhag copenhagen. and lost president obama promised to reach across the aisle and govern, and yet scott brown is able to tap into the frustration. >> call it frustration or sadness. >> one thing to keep in mind here, president obama won every county in massachusetts. the deepest blue the ones he won by the
washington believes that every day is election day. people in this country want to know that the president and the congress are working hard together to solve the challenges and the problems that they have. i think that's what the american people want to hear tonight. and that's certainly what the president will outline. >> that's true. the president did take a pretty big hit in last tuesday's election. no apologies? >> the president's going to explain why he thinks the american people are angry and frustrated. many of the same factors that led senator brown to become a senator from massachusetts, led barack obama to become president. now, we've got to deal with those angers and frustrations by putting people back to work. by demonstrating that we have a plan to get our economy continued on that recovery, that road to recovery. and putling those folks back to work. to protecting this country from those that seek to do us harm. all of those things are challenges that we face over the last year. and that we continue to face. but again, the president, i think will outline a hopeful track for
have other news to tell you about today. today is day two of hearings in washington, digging into the cause of the financial crisis and the big role that wall street banks played in it. top executives are facing the music, admitting mistakes. but also defending the big bonuses. our jonathan karl who literally chased the ceos around capitol hill, is there this morning. jonathan? >> reporter: juju, as the bank ceos faced the commission. they offered something that you rarely hear from wall street. that's the admission that they made mistakes. mistakes that helped lead to the financial crisis. but we found out they make no apology whatsoever to the big bonuses going to their top executives. here's what morgan stanley chairman john mack told us. where's the accountability? >> people have lost jobs. >> reporte but the bonuses from people received the t.a.r.p. money? >> you have to deal with them. >> reporter: you're the chairman. you're the one that's working the bonuses. the financial crisis commission will continue to hold hearings throughout the year. they hope to produce what
in washington. >>> breaking news right now, a massive 6.1 aftershock rocks haiti just a short time ago. eight days, as you know, after the first quake crumbled that country. we are live on the scene. juju chang is there. >>> on the anniversary of president obama's inauguration, a stunning rebuke for the white house. >>> and i'm ready to go to washington without delay. >>> a republican wins ted kennedy's senate seat. does that mean health reform is now dead? how will president obama and the democrats respond? >>> also breaking right now, a manhunt under way. 100 police searching for a gunman suspected of shooting eight people overnight. >>> plus, the perfect storm slams california. mud slide, monster waves, even tornadoes, and the worst is yet to come. sam is live on the coast. >>> good morning, everyone. we have so much breaking news this morning. it sent my colleagues far and wide. sam live in california where those powerful storms have produced tornadoes and dangerous floods. juju has the latest from haiti after that aftershock this morning. >>> and george is in washington where president o
, including news this monk about the book sending shock waves through washington. >> and it's not just the revelations about the democratic leader harry reid. there are cluster bombs in that bok. tension with barack obama and joe biden. what the authors call a love story between obama and hillary clinton. more sarah palin stories. and shocking revelations about john and elizabeth edwards. >>> and diane sawyer is in afghanistan this morning where overnight three u.s. servicemen were killed. diane has an exclusive interview with the top commander of u.s. troops there and asks him if the toughest part of war is still to come. a very frank conversation this morning. >>> but we begin with the controversy swirling around the comments made by senator majority leader harry reid and calls from republicans for him to step down. jake tapper. >> good morning, robin. president obama likes harry reid, but more importantly, he needs harry reid to help him pass health care reform, jobs bill, energy, afghanistan. the plate is full. and a week that hurts president obama's ability to get this agenda done
of school closings and office closings. george? >> thanks, sam. >>> we go back to washington now, where the president is playing defense on national security, as he's still trying to push lu health care reform. he called congressional leaders to the white house yesterday. but there's complications with political trouble. the bill isn't popular, after two key, democratic senators announced their retirements yesterday. jonathan karl has more. jon? >> reporter: george, there's big herdles getting this to the finish line. but with the elections coming up, democrats are eager to get this done. emerging from a white house meeting on health care, speaker pelosi was at a loss for words when asked if a final bill will be passed by the end of the month. >> it's possible. it's possible. we will bring the bill to the floor when we are ready. and hopefully, that will be soon. >> reporter: democrats are confident they'll ultimately prevail. but as final negotiations begin, there are several things that could kill the bill. including, one, the cornhusker kickback. governor arnold schwarzenegger is the
banks will be on the hot seat in washington today, as congressional commission investigating the meltdown hol its first hearing. at least two of the executives regulatory failures.t to >>> on the war front, president obama is preparing to ask congress for another $33 billion to pay for the wars in afghanistan and iraq. two more u.s. troops were killed today in a bombing in afghanistan. >>> and there's wordrom yemen today that the leader of an alaka'i cell has been killed in shabwa province. >>> police in georgia say they have arrested a man who dressed in camouflage and opened fire at a struck rental store in atlanta. >>> and an incredible scene on a massachusetts highway to show you. a tanker truck flipped over and landed on top of a minivan and two cars. miraculously, everyone survived. the truck driver was cited for speeding. that's the headlines. >> that could have been worse. >>> let's get to sam for the weather. >> we have a couple of things to talk about in the nation. there's a new system moving on to the northwest, which brings heavy rain and gusty wind. this one wil
for the third day in a row. and abc's david kerley's in washington to explain why. >> reporter: good morning, bill. the white house is scrambling this morning. it was dialing for senators yesterday. the chief of staff, the treasury secretary, trying to secure enough votes to save bernanke's job. the president has heard this discontent, loud and clear. >> i can promise you there will be more fights ahead. >> reporter: and now, he's fighting to save a member of his economic team. >> if the economy doesn't improve, someone's head has to roll. the most likely candidate would be geithner, except that bernanke's up for renewal. >> reporter: bernanke's term ends in about a week. last week, it looked like "time" magazine's man of the year would be reconfirmed. but that was before tuesday. >> i'll bet they can hear this cheering all the way in washington, d.c. >> reporter: and the republican senate win in massachusetts. >> massachusetts was a game-changer for the president. folks have lost confidence in the president's economic policy. >> reporter: while many oppose him. some democrats are bailing on
in alexandria, virginia. 25 inches so far for snowfall total d it's only the end of january. washington, d.c. got 6 1/2 inches. raleigh, 5 inches as well. this part of the nation, it does start to warm up just a little bit. don't break out the bathing suits just yet. >> good morning, washington. the snow ha stopped falling, but it is bitterly cold up there. the winds are slight, but the dew points are way down. we had snuffles yesterday anywhere from four to 8 inches. as we go through the they look for temperatures between 28 and 32 >> thanks so much. more on your saturday outlook later in the show. kate? >>> okay, marysol, scott brown will be sworn in next month. as ted kennedy's replacement in the u.s. senate. he's the hottest new name in politics. some people calling him the savior of the republican party. maybe even a presidential contender. abc news bash barb ra walters sat down with him. >> yesterday, i went to massachusetts to meet scott brown. he was traveling around his area of the country thanking people. he was like a rock star, hundreds of people, autographs, and you know, can
on american flight carriers, delta to atlanta and united to washington, d.c. authorities tell abc news that before al qaeda in yemen sent the accused underwear bomber, umar fark abdulmutallab to detroit, it had earlier tried without succesto get one of its suicide bombers to dubai. over the weekend the arab news network al jazeera played a new audiotape of osama bin laden in which he took credit for the underwear mess bomber. the message we wanted you to receive is america shall not dream about security until we witness it in palestine. for now u.s. authorities are more concerned about the al qaeda group in yemen than bin laden. authorities say u.s. air strikes have killed a large number of the followers there who are believed to have been trained as suicide bombers but still at large is the american-born radical cleric awlaki considered a recruiter and inspiration for al qaeda and specifically for the accused underwear bomber and for the accused shooter at ft. hood. two people briefed by the intelligence community say white house lawyers are now actually considering the legality of a
at the same event. now with the new breach comes new questions. pierre thomas is in washington with that good morning, pierre. >> reporter: that's right, robin. there is word of aew breach that appears to be as stunning and surprising as the one we know oh so well. it appears the salahis were not the only uninvited guests at that state dinner last november. abc news has learned a d.c. area man also got through and there was no background check done on him either. >> they clearly are not following their own basic protocol in that you cannot let anyone into a controlled space particularly with the president without being cleared. >> reporter: in a statement the secret service says "the subject traveled from a local hotel where the official indian delegation was staying, and arrived at the dinner with the group which was under the responsibility of the department of state." sources tell abc news the man met with the indian delegation at the willard hotel where they we through an initial security screening. secret service personnel then waved in the delegation's van assuming everyone who was insi
. he's moving out of their home in salt lake city. and he's relocating to washington state. abc's lisa fletcher has more. >> reporter: george, people we talk to say they can't believe that joshua powell has emptied the house and left what is ground zero in the disappearance of his wife. they say, it only casts more doubt on a man they're having an increasingly difficult time believing. exactly one month after susan powell vanished, the only person of interest in the case is leaving town. susan powell's husband, joshua, packed up the house. the family believes they will soon put it up for sale. >> we'd like to see him here helping out with susan's search. but he's not. >> reporter: instead, powell will be more than 800 miles away, in washington state. and there's nothing police can do to stop him. >> josh has been free to come and go. and we're waiting for josh to cooperate with us and talk to us. >> reporter: emotions are running high in this close-knit mormon community. as neighbors watch powell in disbelief. neighbors confronted peterson's brother, who watched josh paul pack the hous
battle in record-setting snow. wind gusts in washington, d.c. 45 mil$45 miles an hour, knock power lines leaving hundreds without power. and in minnesota, at least three days below zero. even in much of the south with most of the state in freeze warning. the state could be seeing much of the cold weather in nine years. farmers are preparing for the worst. at this strawberry harm in hillsborough county that means coating it with ice. >> it just keeps it above freezing. >> and a colder shock of arctic air is ready to let itself out in the deep south this week. that means really bad conditions for southern areas like florida, could be headed for the coldest temperatures in nine years. our steve osunsami is in florida. >> reporter: good morning, sam. we're in the middle of the $9 become citrus industry, actually underneath the trees, they're spraying water that coats the roots and the trunk. the water sucking up the cold and protects the fruit inside. if you take the same industries and put them in georgia well below 12 degrees overnight, those trees would turn into popsicles. farmers are wa
much. one of the biggest rallies of the year takes place in washington, d.c. today. parts of first, 10th, seventh, and x streets will be closed for the annual march for life. last night about 2000 anti- abortion activists held thei own march outside of the white house. we will be back with another news update at 7:56. going out to dinner no longer fit into our budget. and so we started having these pizza parties on friday night. i learned how to make pizza dough. and we'd have friends come to our house. we know saving money is important. shop with your giant card and you can enjoy thousands of weekly specials and real deal savings, like top or bottom round roast, half-price, and progresso traditional soups, 5 for $6. this week only. when i look at my receipt and it says, "you saved $26," that works for me. only with your giant card. >>> i know you're enjoying breakfast. you got a nice bowl of cereal. maybe some scrambled eggs. imagine finding this in your hotel room. these are some of the conditions that landed these places on a new list of the dirtiest hotels in america. no price rang
security at the gates. it seems that he's trying to protect her from the long naives in washington, d.c., that are already out for her. >> thank you, terry. he'll be talking to john brennan, joe lieberman and others this morning on "this week." >> we're going to be hearing a lot about yemen. >> that's right. >>> now a look at the headlines. >>> the massive search for a florida man accused of shooting four family members to death on thanksgiving day is over. this, after a viewer of "america's most wanted" called in a tip. abc's todd connor has the latest. >> reporter: police arrested 35-year-old michael paul merhige. late saturday night. only an hour after the show "america's most wanted" profiled him for a fourth time. they believe he checked into a small hotel using a fake name about a week after the massacre. >> there was one entrance to the room. law enforcement officers made entry and found him inside. >> reporter: police say he was tasered and captured. as recently as even this weekend, volunteers and a relative handed out flyers in hopes that someone would recognize him and he w
martin, abc news, washington. >>> let's turn, now, to our senior man at the white house, jake tapper. also hosting "this week" later this morning. this is historic. we've seen most presidents see the bloom come off of their campaign rose in the first year. what's the mood in the white house now with this slide, jake? >> obviously, they're disappointed with the poll numbers that have been sliding for some time. if you look at the link between economic conditions and a president's poll numbers, they are usually correlated very strongly. that's the case here, as well. i think they look to ronald reagan as inspiration. he was somebody whose poll numbers went down as the economy went down in his first term. and obviously, he was able to recover. they realize these are bad numbers. obviously, they're going to likely affect the outcome of the 2010 elections. >> is there, aside from discontent with the economy, is there anything else going on in massachusetts with the coakley campaign that leads to that neck and neck race for kennedy's seat? >> democratic officials say she has not turned out
it is on the shoulder now. this is the traffic near washington blvd. and that looks good >>> a very good morning, take a look at the doppler radar and snow machine. we of light bands of snow from montgomery to loudoun county. we have seen a light snow accumulations to the far north and west. that will continue off and on through the afternoon ended the evening and the skies will clear out before the next system comes in. mid and upper 30's today, breezy with light snow showers and flurries. >>> we have two school closings to pass along. garrett county, maryland schools are now closed. signal hill elementary school in manassas is closed due to no heat. we will be right back. >>> mike chen and will be officially named the new redskins -- mike shanahan will be officially named as the new redskins coach. >> a sweet deal -- a $35 million contract spread out over five years. dens will hear that he will be fully in charge of football. we caught the dinner last night at the palm restaurant. daniel snyder and his new coach were surprised to see our cameras and refused to talk to us. they let us take a peek. th
happen this friday. we'll have the deal coming up. >>> also, mr. brown goes to washington. scott brown, the new masshusetts senator elected in that special election that has shaken up the political world. i had the chance to speak with president obama. exclusively, getting his reaction to that election. he admits some mistakes. and takes some of the blame for the loss. and lays out his plans to go forward now. >>> let's get to jonathan karl with a look at how the democrats are planning to regroup. jon? >> reporter: good morning, robin. democrats are scrambling to figure out how to deal with their new republican colleague. two months ago, you would have been hard-pressed to find anyone who had heard of scott brown. but he arrives here later this morning, as the man of the hour. rarely has a senator come to washington with so much fanfare. it seems he has single-handedly changed the agenda, even before he is sworn in. >> the election in massachusetts changes the math in the senate. it's easy math. pretty simple math. >> reporter: the new math? democrats no longer have enough votes to pas
that he gets why there's so much anger with washington and wall street. >> these americans and so many others, change has not come fast enough. some are frustrated. some are angry. >> reporter: and he said he understood what he needs to concentrate on in the coming year. >> jobs must be our number one focus in 2010. and that's why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> reporter: independent voters might have liked his push for lobbying and earmark reform. and his mantra of bipartisanship. >> we were sent here to serve our citizens. not our ambitions. >> reporter: at times the president's frustration with a republican party he sees as too partisan, revealed itself a touch. as he noted republicans were not standing and applauding as he announced tax cut hess pushed. >> i thought i would get applause on that one. >> reporter: the president mentioned the health care reform effort that's consumed so much of his time and political capital. but he offered no clear path forward. just a plea. >> let us find a way to come toth and finish the job for the american people. >> reporter: unlike
who was hit and killed by an amtrak. according to the washington examiner. she was wearing a head set seconds before the train killed her. the kenwood high school freshman was hit as she walked to school yesterday morning near middle river road. group counselors are on hand to support anna's class mates. >>> police say an 1 # 1 cereal girl was assaulted by a reg registered sex offender in side a baltimore church here in southwest baltimore. it is believed that rodney earl key had been hired to do work as a handyman at the property. court roads show key has a long history of child sex abuse which got him a 15 year prison sentence president he was released last year after serving eight years. the church was not aware of his background. >>> here is what we have coming up for you on good morning maryland at 9:00. if you are looking for a new job, what to do on the job search and have more success at 9:00 here this morning along with the ravens talk on had how to get the fox borrow from here. we will see you at 9:00. >>> she was a >>> she was a member of one of america's wealthiest family,
california all the way to texas. while snow, wind and rain will pound washington state and oregon. florida can expect to see heavy rain and heavy snow moving across the great lakes. minneapolis should be 6 degrees. high 44 and 66 in phoenix. that is the national weather. >>> >>> and finally it only happens once in a blue moon. the full balloon this new year's eve was the second one this month, which is actually known as a blue moon. the last one was 1990. the next will be 2028. let's go back to times square. >>> we all know that 2009 was not kind to the merge worker, double-digit unemployment. there could be some light at the end of the tunnel, or workplace contributor tory johnson author of "fired to hired." happy new year. >> you, too. >> let's go to the industries that are actually hiring. one of the industries we've been watching closely is the health care industry. it's incredible the number of jobs you're talking about. >> yes it led the way in 2009. it's expected to do the same as well. 600,000 openings, wide ranging from doctors to therapists, to medical clerks who handle records,
is in washington with more. claire? >> reporter: good morning, george. bonus season is uglier than ever this year. and in a surprise move, the ite house is bearing its knuckles, as the bankers come back down here, suggesting if they can't police themselves, they may find themselves heavily taxed. those billions to the top bankers are not longer bonuses. but dynamite. >> it's obscene because we bailed out the banks. >> reporter: and now, it seems the white house is ready for a showdown with bankers. suggesting it may impose a special tax on large banks. >> there are folks that just continue not to get it. >> reporter: one frustrated banker, lashed out last night. jamie dimon of jpmorgan chase, said this is not a casino. goldman sachs announced a cord profit, to pass out more than $10 billion in bonuses. the profits at that firm, so vast, the bonuses are likely to hit tens of millions of dollars for the top performers. in 2007, ceo lloyd blankfine got $68 million. some secretaries got $200,000. this time, the average is an estimated $700,000 per employee. other banks are expected to offer eye-poppi
charge. related to bringing guns into the washington wizards locker room. prosecutors are seeking a sentence of six months or less. as part of plea deal. a judge could give him up to five years in prison. he's been suspended indefinitely without pay. by the nba. >>> and nbc is reportedly near an agreement with conan o'brien to leave the network. the deal would bring jay leno back to late-night tv after failing to get big ratings in prime time. the move would pay o'brien to walk away but might limit his future employment at another network. >>> it was graduation day for britain's prince william. william finished an advanced helicopter training course. his father presented him with the badge. he's now a little bit closer to becoming a fully qualified search and rescue pilot with the royal air force. that's first look at the headlines, back to you, bill. >> dad/prince gives you that moment. good so see. a happy belated new year to you. >> i feel like i haven't seen you for a year, bill. good morning, everyone. let's turn to the video tape. portions of texas seeing a soaking rain. san
, washington. >>> so, here to guide us through these confusing calorie counts is nutritionist, heidi skolnik. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's get into the fda guidelines. the fda gives a wide leeway for companies for labeling. we called them and asked them to explain the regulation. and they had no comment. why do you think they allowed the labels to be off? >> again, it's a standard deviation. i'm not surprised by it. i've known about it. i think people weren't aware of it. if you think about the variation, if you're talking about a 300-calorie meal. 8% above, 30 extra calories. >> 28% above? >> 60 calories above. >> that's what the fda allows. >> but some are below. some were the same. it's the batch of food. it's testing methods that are involved. it's estimations that are involved. >> you were saying, if you had two apples, they might be slightly different. >> real food comes that way. >> the study found that restaurants can be doing the same thing, in terms of misleading with the label they put on the menu, saying how many calories, how much fat a salad has. what's a dieter to d
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